Westwood Journal into 2019

Hello Reader.

What size screen are you on? When I say screen size I mean physical size and not resolution.
Some numbers suggest a large majority of screens are of the mobile device type.

So lets take a look below.
This was found at this link:

ManufacturerModelScreen SizeResolutionType
AcerIconia Tab10.1″1280×800Tablet
AmazonKindle Fire7″1024×600Tablet
AppleiPad 29.7″1024×768Tablet
AppleiPad 39.7″2048×1536Tablet
AppleiPad Air9.7″2048×1536Tablet
AppleiPad Air 29.7″2048×1536Tablet
AppleiPad Air Mini7.9″1024×768Tablet
AppleiPad Air Mini 27.9″2048×1536Tablet
AppleiPad Air Mini 37.9″2048×1536Tablet
AppleiPad Air Mini 47.9″2048×1536Tablet
AppleiPad Pro 12.9″12.9″2732×2048Tablet
AppleiPad Pro 9.7″9.7″2048×1536Tablet
AppleiPhone 3GS3.5″480×320Smartphone
AppleiPhone 4S3.5″960×640Smartphone
AppleiPhone 54″640×1136Smartphone
AppleiPhone 5C4″640×1136Smartphone
AppleiPhone 5S4″640×…